Dreams !


They light up every soul’s otherwise dreary path. The seven colour stripe that strikes the sky on an ambivalent day or the shining stars that light the dark night invite a dreamer. To surpass the sky and make the mighty universe his prized possession ! These sights help the rise of a surge of strength from within that wills him to break away from the stuffy bubble and explore the expansive enigmas that stretch limitlessly.

A catalyst to materialising many a novel vision, these wondrous children of nature urge the wanderer to demolish demonic walls, constructed by the weak minded, constituting restrictive stereotypes. The seeker sees over the patronising barriers built by self and society and chooses, not only to traverse a different path, contrary to the rest of mankind, but also creates fresh routes by following his heart.

With the divine elements by his side
And his inner voice as a guide,
What could hinder this revolutionary from making a spectacular stride ?!


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