The wheel of time: Poem


Image result for wheel of clock


When a smile depicts a distant emotion-
A fabric of the beauty lost,
The bubble of happiness seems evasive,
The pot of luck elusive in the empty present.
A harsh memory serves as a reminder
of the heavy baggage accumulated,
Beaten up with mercy none,
Begging redemption for the injustice done!
I can’t find the strength
to voice out a desperate cry
just to dispel the darkness.
Lost my path, sacrificed myself,
Yet details of my slip-ups remain crystal clear
if only to daunt me near.
Never one to learn a lesson,
I offered myself to be torn to pieces
And torn I was, ripped apart
with no radiance left in my sick heart!
I reach out to you divine lord,
without thee, no life would be left in me.
A flashback repeats
as I’m rolled over the fateful wheel of time,
struggling from beneath to find reason and rhyme.


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