Life from Death: Poem

Deep down I know, I desire death!

Dying away of a melancholic dirge,
Only to be replaced by a divine melody.
The withered, shrivelled leaves of autumn?
An invite for the bloom of spring’s young bud!

An unwarranted fall from the wondrous tower :
The womb to the vision of an invincible castle.
The sea’s merciless drowning of a man
– an ignition of the fiery braving of an ocean.

If wars pave way for peace and revolutions reinstate order,
Can’t bliss not follow my squashed dreams- the horror ?!

Defeat spawns in the unrelenting fighter,
A resolve to relish the taste of a win !
Here I am, engulfed by the pitch black night,
Awaiting a ray of the radiating sunlight …



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