A flame in the dark

You see the darkness all around me :
The dragons of desolation that would make warriors flee,
The deserted plain that loneliness fears,
The mournful howls that demons are afraid to hear.
And you wonder, and wonder again,
How I manage to shine in the rain !

Your vision misses the bright flame
That glows in me, just the same;
Without a flicker, without doubts,
Irrespective of any scenario that sprouts.
A scented candle burning with passion,
Sweet sunshine dazzling my mansion.
The fire of indomitable will,
Forceful rays under which the universe stills !


I’m only you: Poem

I toil hard to rise above the ladder,
Days and nights, I fill with my sweat.
You take it easy and call it flexitime,
Exploiting me with no reason or rhyme.
I’m only you, born in the wrong place!

I study to salvage
My thirst for knowledge.
Your father pays a capitation fee
Only to artfully replace me.
I’m only you, born to the wrong people!

I love with all my heart
Appreciating true inner beauty.
You brand me a queer,
Stamp my love as unnatural.
I’m only you, born in the wrong body!