Life lessons, Poetry

Picking her lock

She was a relentless gale

storming through life !

She locked the door on humanity

And threw the keys afar.

Dare crawl close ? You pay

with ridicule and rancour –

For your courage and compassion.

Yet, here he was, looking for a friend

And would take no answer but “Yes.”

He carved around her brick walls

to pave a passage to her heart.

Her tantrums were met with smiles,

her whimsical silences with understanding.

With an open ear and eyes that saw far,

He healed her expertly , scar by scar.

Lining up the gap between

the key pins and driver pins,

he patiently picked her lock.

She wondered, how he knew

what she needed, all along.

Conspiratorially, he whispered

a truth that left her Exposed:

Those unable to call out for love,

Are the ones that need it the most !


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