Myriad Musings, Poetry

Oh, the little moments!


Life, in its entirety, full of fleeting moments,

Moments funny, sweet, silly and bitter :

Bitter like the drugs I’ve once taken;

Taken in marriage by a suave, snazzy man;

Manning up to ward off ghosts for my kid;

Kidding in college about feelings in our guts;

Guts to tackle the realities of my world;

Worldly prizes I’ve won, their false glow;

Glow of the night sky’s moon and stars;

Stars we were hailed, when we won matches;

Matches, pranksters, that set mark sheets on fire;

Fire to be ‘Corporate Queen’, a sturdy will.

“Will I ever ?” questions silenced at last,

At last I realise the answer that’s final,

final as an end to my confusion and quest.

Quest, henceforth, is to relish little moments

Moments that make up the chamber of life !

WordPress Daily prompt : Temporary


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