Picnic: Poem

Racing on bikes

followed by a hike

led us to a deck

Made for an overnight stay

resisting technology’s sway

Sleeping bags for pretend camp

Tens of candles luminous

Green grass serenaders

Munching light meals

having real conversations

the sky an eavesdropper

the breeze a lyre to our lyric

Unwrapping ourselves

in the wraps of nature

Noise of time lost on us

Until sunrise

the party pooper



15 thoughts on “Picnic: Poem

  1. Well everybody I am back not that I have been away, but still that’s what time does to me. I wrote a new poem the other day. On a subject that has intrigued me for a couple of years now, that of Tran’s sexual orientation and the human reaction towards these people. In comparison to other gender basses misfits. It’s a project like another in trying to push the edge of the envelope open to the wider world. Hope you can all get to read it on WordPress on poetscornor it’s called homo sapien.

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