Morning miracle: Poem

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The sky blinks back dregs of sleep

Clouds stretch to the call of dawn

Rocks join hands in prayer

Waves link arms in anticipation

They wait, with bated breath

for the bringer of rapture

The sun arrives amidst fanfare

Spreads out its wings with grace

A salute to its awestruck watchers

A lone man in a distant terrace

behind the lens of his eyes

wonders why there’s none

to witness this miracle

If only he knew the truth


31 thoughts on “Morning miracle: Poem

  1. Beautifully written. I feel exactly like that when I watch a sunrise or sunset (more sunsets on my west cost). It is a miracle.The Bible says all of creation praises God – it seems to me you’ve expressed that very well. Thanks for checking out my website too. =)

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    • The man views this morning miracle and wonders why no one else is witnessing it. The truth is that, the miracle is perceived and cherished by the other elements of nature. Feel free to ask questions. I find comments more gratifying than likes and follows. Thank you for being here.

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  2. Again, awesome imagery with a powerful voice. May I share how I felt on awakening one summer morning?


    Barbara Grace Lake Β© 2002

    Molten, drenching, is the air
    I breathe and feel
    On waking in a morning
    Joyous to myself;
    Gone the worries blackening
    The night
    Their leaseholds lost as sunlight
    Washes clean the air,
    Reflecting only floating grains
    Of lint and dust–
    Sparkling threads upon a
    Buoyant tapestry,
    Enlivening dry musty
    Lavenders of age,
    Forgotten in a breath of
    Personal enchantment:
    On summer’s morn.

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