Gift: Poem


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Material gifts vanish away
usurped by the sands of time
I want my presents to stay
until you’re old and grey

I plant kernels of advice
Oars to steer your discourse
as you wheel through change

I freeze joy in a photo collage
Your living room now
a stroll down memory lane

I paint an intricate tattoo
Splash of your personality
a permanent reminder

I lift you with an adventure sport
Existential questions forgotten
Once in a lifetime experience

I wrap you in a novel culture
steal you for far travel
Check off your bucket list

I encase you in a playlist
Borrowed words and tunes
for your every mood

I warm you with sweet praise
a song of truth heard long after
the last note is done

I surrender you to a skill
Turns your world topsy-turvy
you are now a new man

When all is said and done
I gift you this poem
In that, I gift you myself.


What is an absolutely amazing gift that you’ve received? I’m curious to know. Comment below.Β 



26 thoughts on “Gift: Poem

  1. Really great poem! Saw this on the Cafe! Beautifully penned! The best gift, other than my wife giving my her love and life, is my WordPress blog that my daughter started for me and said, “I’m doing this so you can overcome your fear! I’m pushing you so you can fly”!

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    • It’s delightful to hear from you, Sir. I’ve been following your work on the Cafe for a while now. So, thank you for sharing a kind compliment and a lovely memory. Your daughter certainly gave an irreplaceable gift to you and your readers.
      Do keep writing.

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