Life lessons

Life lessons #2

These are entries from my journal that I endeavour to consciously follow/ practice and I share them in the hope that they resonate with you. 

21. If you claim to be an adult, it is key to behave like one.

22. Celebrate your little victories. Small wins = Big difference.

23. However, remember to be modest. Most of what you’ve achieved has been accomplished before and could be accomplished again.

24. Stop believing in yourself and you’ve found the most certain way of losing the game.

25. Do not give unasked for criticism or advice.

26. It is okay, and at times necessary, to be the person that goes the extra mile.

27. There is some truth in the Positivity Bias and the Law of Attraction.

28. Settling is the worst way to fail because you are failing your own self.

29. Happiness is not achieving an arbitrary X or Y. Happy is right now.

30. Don’t waste time on unproductive mental gymnastics.

31. If you have time to hate someone, you have too much time.

32. No one deserves ten chances.

33. Don’t play mind games that reinforce stereotypes.

34. If you tell me, you can help me understand better.

35. Never trivialise anyone’s pain.

36. We all exist in the same world but live in different worlds.

37. If waking up seems painful, it is time to take a good hard look at your life.

38. Life is not a faraway fairy tale. Your story is today and right now. Write it well.

39. Don’t say goodbye on a sour note. It could be the last goodbye.

40. When something doesn’t feel right, there is a reason.

Feel free to add to the list …

Copyright © Roshni Ramanan


26 thoughts on “Life lessons #2

  1. “If waking up seems painful, it is time to take a good hard look at your life.” So very true. I’ve been on both sides of that statement. Life’s not supposed to be easy, but it’s damned sure not supposed to be terrible, either. So much of it is of our own choosing, and yet we muddle through like we got plopped into our situation with zero options. Thanks for writing this, Roshni!

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