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I never understood why travel was so hep. Is it hip? Whatever the kids are calling it nowadays.

Don’t get me wrong. I relish new experiences to the core. But, I don’t need travel to feel that high.

Learning a skillset that takes five minutes, fondly gazing at the patterns the sun makes on the greenery and creating art give me that high.

Accomplishing a goal and hearing a refreshing perspective puts me on cloud nine. Maybe I’m easy to please.

Travel is associated with exoticism. Nature and culture can be found closer to home if you watch with a painter’s gaze and a poet’s soul.

The most precious thing about travel to me is uninterrupted time with your friends or family. This, I agree with, if you commit to going Wi-Fi free.

My concern is that most people I’ve spoken to, seem to equate travel with an escape. I think time, energy and money are better spent fixing your day-to-day life over planning fancy vacations.

I’d take an escape if my world would turn topsy-turvy while I’m away. But, when I return, my mess is still mine to clean up and I find that nothing has changed.

While weekends are precious, let’s create Monday mornings that make us look forward to the wonders weekdays can bring.

So, the next time you travel, ensure that you soak in that novel adventure, without worrying about being insta perfect.

The next time you long for travel, remember that there are multiple adventures hovering around you waiting to be experienced.

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30 thoughts on “Travel

  1. This is so true for most jumping on the travel wagon! My love for travel comes from trips with my kids one on one in nature. There are times this is on my own farm. Most people who have the “travel bug” this is not the case. Many need to learn to see beauty of nature wherever they are!

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  2. I love to travel but I also love my home. I don’t travel to escape my home life. I travel to see new places and do new things. Sure, I can see and do new things in my hometown, but there are places in the world that are nowhere like where I live. I feel like the world is a big place and I would love to see as much of it as I can in my lifetime!

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  4. trinitraveler says:

    Yes, your words resonate. Sometimes our motivations get mixed up and we go after things for the wrong reasons. Continous self assessment to understand what drives us is essential. Thanks for the post, gave me food for thought!

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    • I’m happy to hear that it made you reflect. I constantly try to be aware of my own motivations as well. As long as we do that, we can make the most out of every experience. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

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  5. Very interesting, and I agree with your assessment for sure! Too many people are running through their destination sites as if they are filling out check lists of “having done that” and “having seen that” and “now I am better than others for both of these things”. It’s tiresome and tiring. There is much more to be said for wanting the things you already have, and finding the interesting in the familiar. Nicely written.

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    • Yes, you’ve put it so well. Travel has been reduced to a fad and a status symbol which certainly takes away the joy from it. It certainly would be a lot easier if we beheld wonder everywhere. Thanks a lot for writing here! I appreciate your time.

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  6. moncoindeslivres says:

    Exactly! I’m really not a ‘must travel person’ and I’m fine just the way I am. People feel bad for me when they hear I spent my vacation at home or close to home but they don’t understand that home is my favorite place to be in. 🧐😊 I like to take a trip once in a while but I would not spend my life traveling.

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    • We’re on the same page with every word you just said. My happiness has nothing to do with going anywhere. It’s more to do with where I’m at in life. I enjoy travel, like any novel experience, but there have been years when I didn’t get to travel, and that took nothing away. Thank you very much for your in-depth comment 😀

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