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New Year is a myth

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I’m all for burying the old and heralding the new.

Any reason for hope and celebration? Count me in!

Yet, as an Indian, it baffles me that we privilege the Western construct of the New Year over the different dates and traditions indicated by our cultures.

I’m also stumped by the naivete that one can truly expect Jan 1 to be different from Dec 31, the previous day. 2018 and 2019 are mere numbers unless we make it different.

What also bewilders me is that it takes a ‘construct’ to trigger man’s inner clock to pause and take a good, hard look at his own life.

I don’t look at the date and decide whether or not to evaluate where I’m at and take the necessary steps to move forward.

Here’s my year-long loop: Mark a habit, mind map a routine, evaluate, modify, try again.

I agree that we cannot be on at all times but it’s key to work towards the changes we really require a lot more frequently. I’d argue that self-reflection works miracles if it’s at least weekly, if not daily.

Becoming better is a constant; it is a state of mind and not a point in time. 

Let us determine to live consciously, with intention and awareness, and create a New year for ourselves.

Best of luck. I have faith in you. Time to make a happy 2019.

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38 thoughts on “New Year is a myth

  1. Becoming better is a constant; it is a state of mind and not a point in time. 
    Bravo ✌️ Brilliant share👌 Totally agree my friend Roshni 🌿🍀
    Have a great New Year as a precious previous year, I hope you will enjoy both point of time and state of and mind🍰 as a relishing your wishes, may all your wishes fullfill everyday just a regular day, cheers

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  2. ‘Becoming better is a constant; it is a state of mind and not a point in time.’
    Yes! Agreed … perhaps we ought to greet ourselves each day with something like ‘Happy New Mind.’
    I’m delighted to have found your work by way of your kindly having visited mine.
    Greetings, from England

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    • I’m glad we agree. I wanted to highlight that specific quote.
      True. I think, if we wake up, conscious of what the goals for the day are and reflect before we sleep, that’ll work miracles in the long run.
      It’s lovely to have you here! Thank you for your words and good luck with your blog👍

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  3. Couldn’t agree more (even if I don’t always follow through!). Most New Year’s resolutions come to naught. New Year’s in western culture went from a seasonal pagan celebration in ancient times to a good excuse to party these days … and for merchants to sell things! Thanks for your excellent post. Great observations! 😊

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    • It’s lovely to hear from you, ma’am. Thank you very much for your insights. It’s certainly become commodified. Though I live in Asia, I feel the pressure to spend money to have fun at the stroke of 12.
      Thank you so much for your delightful and generous words! I truly appreciate them ☺️

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  4. Roshni, I don’t have one culture but several and one of the rules by which I live is that when in Rome, you do what the Romans do because that is the least courtesy.

    When I am in the West, I celebrate New Year on January 1 because it is the month sacred to Janus, a Roman god with two faces and looks forward and backwards; and it was Julius Caesar who established this holiday. Rome is one of the roots of the West.

    It is the rites of Janus which makes January 1 like no other day………….and I accept that……………..Best luck for the new year……….Sarah

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    • Hey, Sarah. Thank you so very much for sharing. That was fascinating! ☺️
      In South India, we have 4 prominent cultures and each of us celebrate the new year on days other than the 1st of Jan, as rooted in our local traditions.
      Thank you, have a brilliant year ahead!


  5. For me personally, I noticed that daily self-reflection in the manner you mentioned in the post above gives me a reason to celebrate especially marked days – because I choose to celebrate the progress I and my loved ones have made.
    Just sitting and waiting for changes to happen and then putting all hope on one special day because the calendar says so has never worked for me, either, and instead has only lead to disappointment. 😉
    Anyways, a Happy New Year according to the date in my neck of the woods and a Super-Happy Everyday-Day according to your calendar! ♥

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