Statue: Poem



What tragedy befell

for your blood and veins

to turn into stone

What caught your eye

for you’ve weathered

storms and battles

to gaze unwaveringly

Did you see history unfold

long before it was written?

Did you absorb the everyday

that compounds into calamities?

Sun, rain and snow

move you no more

Perhaps, you predict nature

forsee what’s in store

How many centuries are filed

in the folder of your mind?

Have you looked through

the facades of mankind?

Your seeing eye holds secrets

unheard of, unasked for-

all but the one you seek

Will you ever wake up

to set the story straight

on humanity?

Copyright Β© Roshni Ramanan


54 thoughts on “Statue: Poem

  1. β€˜Did you see the history unfold, long before it was written?’ I read your lovely poem and those unique verses surprised me! I love how you done it! My lovely appreciation for your hard and fantastic work and thank you for sharing it with us. From Gabriel, all the best and happy blogging as well!

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  2. Hi, I like the way you Wright your poems, but I think you should read, poetry by people likes of Edger Allen Poe, Emerly Dickerson, and Keats, Byron, as these will help you. In forming great poem’s and help you onto the next level in your poems, keep the chin up, always. loving your work. M.L. Behan.

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    • Hey! Good to hear from you. Those are certainly some of the greats. I’ve read quite a bit of Dickinson and Keats. While I’ve read of Poe and Lord Byron, I’ve not interacted with their writing much.
      Thanks a ton for the great suggestions, Behan. Hugs!


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