Woman: Poem

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Who are you?

Branded an egoist

when you brandish your wings

Dismissed a weakling

when you blunt your feeling

While your quiet is grace

laughter, a serene place

Your passion power

fury could melt a tower.


why are you reduced to

lipsticks and high heels

then called a hoe?


the word a blessed curse

but I swear not to reduce you

to attire and purse.

Woman, I took from you –

strength at your teat

hope in your arms

rapture in your eyes

surrender at your feet.


Creator, Destructor

Break free

Oh, Goddess under man’s mercy

Copyright © Roshni Ramanan



49 thoughts on “Woman: Poem

  1. Thank you, Roshni for an inspiring poem. I think you know I love the message, but I also wish you to know I love the skill that went into creating it. Did the poem have a slow birth or a quick one?

    I am bookmarking your poem to my folder of outstanding poetry.

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  2. This is a mind blowing poem. It tries to dispel the stereotyping of the woman of today at the same time creating another who is capable of standing on her own without the support of the other side of gender. The language is simple and easy to reach those whose English isn’t so deep. Thank you!

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    • I’m so very grateful to hear precisely what the poem meant to you. It’s a reflection of my state of mind that went back and forth between anger and awe. Thank you very much for your inputs! Happy blogging.


    • You make such and excellent point, K, about standing on her own. Even those of us men who a want a world in which women can flourish true to themselves, can do almost nothing if you women will not stand up on your own. Just try to force someone to rise and stand up who is unwilling to do anything to stand up. It is almost impossible to even get such a person to her feet.
      I also very much agree with you that a new image of women must be created, new ways of thinking about women, and I applaud Roshini’s beautiful effort to that here.

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      • I’m enthused to have you join the discussion and add your valuable insights.
        I completely agree. Women must be open to liberating themselves before others can help them stay liberated. (Women not undermining other women is a great step in this direction). In terms of redefining ideologies, every individual can contribute by the way they treat gender.
        My heartfelt thanks to you for being here.

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  3. I really like this poem about women it show you has grit, and posture in your writing. Keep up the good work, never be afrade to let your emotions and feelings about rong and injustices being told. Nice work!!! From M.L. Behan.

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