Chameleon: Poem


typewriter image pixabay.jpg

The picketing fence of
your scepticism can’t stop
the clandestine rendezvous
of my mind and feeling

As I inscribe, I unleash
on all my readers
who are free
to take my chameleon words
and colour them
with the shade of
their tinted glasses

I’m unburdened by
the absence of meaning
that has left me
The reader follows
the hint of a forgotten trail
Carves a fresh path
making meaning

Copyright Β© Roshni Ramanan

Dedicated to my readers. Have a fantabulous day! πŸ˜€


36 thoughts on “Chameleon: Poem

  1. A refection of or a morrow image of clever writing can complete a poem…! But knowing that your best work only comes from instinct makes you a worthy wordsmith. This I see in some of your work, but your problem is that you don’t carricterise in the formal workings of your poetry. This is not meant as a criticism, but I hope a hint that your work needs a sense of structure in its direction only. Yours M.L.Behan

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