War: Poem

Cacophonous words clash and clang
Cluttered ink callously smeared
bleeding across lines

Between the stilled pauses
lie crouched conflicts
Wailing war cries
waft in the void

Half sentences sort-of phrases
hang in the aching air
hovering in terror
Strikes stilling protest
muffling urgent words  
need to be said

Worlds in disarray
Lives distorted
The nib scribbles on
by our dismay
distant, deleterious

Destabilizing commas
Suspicious semi-colons
dangling false hope
Yet, the awaited full-stops 
never prevail

Horrified by iniquitous display
Reprehensible design
I long for innocence
an unwritten page

Refilling inkwells
I shut my eyelids
in hopes
they reopen to a 
cotton white parchment.

Copyright Β© Roshni Ramanan

A small tribute to the lost lives and a fervent prayer for peace


23 thoughts on “War: Poem

  1. Thanks for your response . I know not much about poetry tough sometimes write one on Instagram . But I consider it as unprofessional as I know little about . But when I was a member of American Centre in Bombay in early eighties , I went through many blank verses of Earnest Hemingway . They all were excellent . Then comes Pablo Neruda , the Chilean poet . But recently I have seen Jeff Flesch’s poetry on WordPress and Instagram , they are excellent . I sometimes write good words for his poetry . Very secular , romantic , love for nature all mixed in one . Thanks for communication .

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  2. Very very nice poetry of the peace time also. Though title is ‘ War Poetry ‘. Poetry always , I personally think , is read in a peace time when mind is cool and surroundings the most cool/coolest . Your poetry is beautifully decorated with wonderful words . Thanks!

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    • Oh, thank you so much. I’m honored!
      Yes πŸ’™

      I’ve been fabulous. I took a six month break from all social media, including whatsapp, and lived as a digital hermit. It’s good to be back, and heartwarming to hear from you, dear Punam πŸ€—

      I can’t wait to catch up on all your delightful works. How are you, my friend?

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      • You are so welcome. 😊

        That is truly wonderful and praiseworthy. In these times people are unable to take a break for even one month. Kudos for being a digital hermit for six months.
        I was so happy to see your name pop up in my reader. πŸ€—

        I am fine, Roshni. Take your time, there is no rush. ❀️

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        • Thank you! I certainly enjoyed my ‘virtual recluse’ phase. It was deeply healing and I got to reflect on what I wanted my life to look like.

          Awwwww ❀ Your warmth has me tearing up. Thanks a ton for being so wonderful and welcoming!

          Stay well. Have a fantabulous week! Happy, happy blogging 🎈

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          • It is so important to take breaks and realign our internal compass. I am sure you are rejuvenated and raring to go.
            Roshni, despite this being the virtual world, some connections feel deep and real. ❀️
            You too stay safe and happy blogging to you too. πŸ€—

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            • Well-said. Yes, the break proved instrumental because when I socialize, I give so much of myself.
              I agree. This relationship, and this community at large, is extremely meaningful. Us traversing this journey together and mutually supporting each other (for 6 years!) is a huge source of comfort for me.
              Thank you so much for being here ❀ Stay creative, and I look forward to bingeing on your inspired works πŸ™‚


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