Rainbow unicorn: Poem


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Violet wisdom, a robe of regality

Indigo eyes blaze, iridescent

Blue melancholy mangled to mush

Green touch makes barren fertile

Yellow laughter, a solicited ringtone

Orange aura, an emblem of sunbeams

Red will and vigour, a Rainbow unicorn hither.


Pulchritudinous- Poem

An Acrostic is a poem where the first letter, syllable or word of each line spells out a word, a phrase or a sentence.  

Pulchritudinous simply means breathtakingly beautiful. Here’s my concoction for pulchritude. 

Penchant for altruism, without pedantry  – be a

Unicorn, unified, unapologetic

Lavish in praise, ravish all

Cajole with a comely smile

Heal with zeal and heed

Rear a robust mind

Inch ahead of your time

Trail a blaze of awe – be

Undaunted, unstoppable, if underrated

Dare to hold a banner for truth

Instigate intellects, incense old ideologies,

Name every man a success and cheer loudly for him

Oust the cruel cuts of prejudiced blades –

Unearth the pulchritudinous you,

Savoured by songs and storms alike.