Bird rights: Poem


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The gift of another day
I take flight
Zip through the dawn chorus
my friends Robin and Sparrow
greet me with innate tunes
Clouds hover over
early umbrellas to shield me
from the sun’s elation
I wink at the winds
that carry my wings
Greet sunbeams in my way
with a cheeky whistle
I rip through the air
Empyrean. Elated. Evanescent.

I miss my pen pal
the African Cape Vulture
I get no post from the
American Bald Eagle either
Their words buried with them
I seek my human friends
and wish to carry my tunes
into their weary hearts
With Polarised light
as my navigation compass
I whiz diagonally into
a mis-engineered pylon
Earth wire electrocutes me
and all my tomorrows

My human friends term
entertainment, animal meat,
natural resource, electricity
and a gazillion things
as their sworn birth rights
But, tell me, human
What about my bird rights?
– A dead bird writes