Masquerade: Poem

I met five men in a faraway land
during my stay at a decrepit cottage
We agreed to get acquainted
at eventide in the nearby diner

The vexing nature of sundown is that
man’s facades are unprotected by light
Hence a masquerade party, sure to ensue
to keep up pretences of the night

A good judge of character, I pride,
Resolved to unmask all they hide

The first called himself a Godman
but I saw a predator underneath
preying on weak minds that
mistake obscurity for hope

The second called himself a Radical
but I saw a bigot underneath
using twisted means to uproot some venom
prudently planting seeds for the rest

The third called himself a Marketer
but I saw a trickster underneath
whose bread and butter depends
solely on making others misbelieve

The fourth called himself an Intellectual
but I saw a hypocrite underneath
reserving his ideas for theory
a Yes-man selling his mind for money

The fifth called himself a Politician
but I saw a chameleon underneath
whose mind wavers faster than wind
a trader of peace for pelf and power

I mouthed that I was a Legislator
Underneath my mask
I was a ludicrous comedic
ridiculing linguistics and logic
I mumbled deep within that
I was no more than a
cutthroat cynic


Wordsmith Wonders- Poem


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A wordsmith is countless careers
meshed deceptively into one

A wordsmith is an Art Therapist
giving voice to the collective unconscious
of a silently shared trauma

A wordsmith is a Headhunter
that finds the apt employees
to be his characters and caricatures

A wordsmith is a Railroad Conductor
managing conflicts in plot-lines
ensuring the destination is reached

A wordsmith is a Master Distiller
who swirls spirits and liqueurs
to soothe the anguished reader

A wordsmith is a Bike Courier
braving the muted traffic of the mind
to deliver the goods on time

A wordsmith is a Body Painter
spraying the colours of fiction
onto the sturdy body of reality

A wordsmith is an Elevator Mechanic
examining blueprints of feedback
to guarantee ascent to new heights

A wordsmith is an Acupuncturist
releasing the yin and yang
of the familiar and the exotic

A wordsmith is a Food Scientist
determined to feed the growing palate
of the ravenous masses

A wordsmith is a Funeral Service Manager
according respect and sensitivity
to new beliefs and old sentiments

A wordsmith is a Meteorologist
finding the right climate
to set the mood for tales and toons

A wordsmith is a Nurse Midwife
caring for the mother mind
helping birth new genres

A wordsmith is an Ocularist
offering eyes to the blind
and vision into alien worlds

A wordsmith is an Ethical Hacker
preventing misuse of
people’s most private secrets

A wordsmith is a Cosmetologist
adorning the commonplace
with stylistics of literary devices

A wordsmith is a Waterslide Tester
embarking on wishy-washy adventures
alone until they are market ready

A wordsmith is a Robotics Engineer
toying with special effects
for exploration and entertainment

A wordsmith is a CIA analyst
countering threatening discourses
collaborating with intelligentsia worldwide

So, the next time you’re tempted
to ask a wordsmith about his “real job”
remind yourself that

A wordsmith is countless careers
meshed deceptively into one