Myriad Musings

Behind the clouds

She is more unpredictable than the Wheels of Fortune. Graceful like the first drops of rainfall and messy like the puddle they leave behind; fresh and soothing as the autumn breeze and stone cold and heartless as the fall’s withered leaves.

Try to confine her within a single definition of her identity and you will fail, for she plays both sides of the game and exceedingly well. Her deftness in response to your mind games leaves you guessing if you are the victim or the victor. You make a mental note: she would be a formidable opponent in a chess game, as she is in most things.

Justice takes on a new meaning as she urges you to earn your progress every step of the way. Her stormy clouds with their sense of foreboding fail to intimidate you once you realise that they are made of air – air that is liberating, intangible and precious. The sweat of unveiling the enigma behind the clouds ultimately turns into the scent of victory when you soak up the sweet sounds of her soulful song. The worthy destination is a place in the protected land of her heart where you are enveloped in the warm, cozy blanket of her kindness.

She is often termed a question with no right answers; a performer with no target audience. The truth remains that, all that she is merges aptly into perfection, like the plot twists of a suspense thriller. You will understand me when you find her : at the kiss of the sun and the rain; for she is, after all, a rainbow, in all its composite and vibrant splendour.