A Silhouette of Conscience- Poem

A vibrant form engulfs me
In times of sorrow and glee
It causes confusion to bend the knee
Its purple radiance sets me free

It strikes a harmonious chord
In dreary times of discord
It balms the incisions of indecision
Stomps on the indolence of apathy

Severs the immoral cord
Takes up the guardian sword
Sways you from the aches of mistakes
And reminds you what’s at stake

I like being this stranger’s ward
Worshipping the silhouette of the Conscience lord


Life lessons, Myriad Musings

Qualm before the calm

Have you ever felt a teensy bit uneasy before a novel venture ? How to know if this apprehension will soon vanish, as the taste of success replaces shivers down the spine, or if this fear is a big red signal, your instinct cautioning you to back out before it is too late?

Its entirely natural to be nervous about the outcome as the future is never a guarantee. It is equally human to doubt whether we will be capable of investing enough to see it through, if the returns will justify our efforts and if the whole venture is worthwhile after all. If this is something that would bring you happiness with a clean conscience; if you would take it up readily assuming money and reputation were no object, then by all means go ahead with it. Embark on your next adventure with surety.

It is a different scenario if the cause of uneasiness is a queasy conscience. Don’t compromise on your moral rectitude and this means keeping away from anything where you benefit only by harming others or temporarily benefit but hurt yourself in the long run. These are huge warning ‘STOP’ signs and there’s a reason they shout out in block letters. By no means, settle for a project, a relationship, an idea that compromises your value system and plays with your self- worth.

Identifying the difference between both can be a life changer as it would keep the energy vampires at bay, leaving you with sufficient time to chase your dreams. When you are on the edge next time, unsure as hell, whether to cross a line or not, there’s a simple way of figuring out if its an experiment or a nightmare :
Ask yourself Does this limit me or liberate me?”

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