How to write poetry: Poem

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You ask me
how to write Poetry
how to attain Poet status

You think
I pen my poems
like a focused jeweller
who strings careful beads
on silk threads

like an inventor
who calculates ingredients
to whip up the
fitting concoction

like a librarian
who explores all of
mind’s knowledge boats
to choose the apt sail

like a musician
who measures rhythm
tone, tune and lyric
to compose a hit

My friend
the truth is far from that

Inspiration streams
piercing through my head
like a thousand water pellets
through a thatched roof

Images, metaphors, rhymes
grip me, similar to
nature’s crisscrossing calls

I race with the ideas
that flow faster than light
Until I stop pursuing
and let myself be pursued

I become the words on the page
the nudging punctuations
the silly similes
the poignant visuals
the free-flowing verse
the tongue-in-cheek humour
the profound message

To answer your questions
I write Poetry by
letting poetry take over me
I attain Poet status
by becoming my poetry

This was inspired by and, in some ways, may be considered a continuation of