Mirabilia: Poem

Liberty tasted every weekend
flinging the adult in you
as kids do, their school bags

Looking at yourself
through a toddler’s eyes
reflection of a superhero

Hugs and claps that last longer
like the extra chocolate chips
in desired ice cream cones

Laughter that’s unruly, hearty
like messy, cheery rain
knocking on eager windows

New look- weight-loss, haircut
feels fresh as the first page
of a much sought-after novel

A warm bath after workout sweat
soothing as scented candles and
lounging in the balcony easy-chair

Unearthing the inner child
freeing as flopping on beds
and pranks on childhood friends

Tasting a pet’s loyalty gratifies
like rare praise from your boss
and sparse A grades on report cards

Playing a song on repeat
addictive as rewatching TV series
until a new episode is released

Things going exactly as planned
thrills like knocking dominoes just right
watching everything fall into place

Learning novel skills exhilarates
as pedalling without support wheels
on muddy roads with balance

Unexpected compliments overwhelm
like the thoughtful, handmade gifts
at a surprise birthday party

Winning card games and board games
smells like the high of morning runs
and dancing at our favourite club

Being arm candy to a loved one
feels safe as snuggly blankets
on a punishing winter night

I wonder why they choose to call these
Little things and Sweet nothings
when these moments define
Miracles, Memory, Desire,
Past, Present and Future:
I’ve chosen to name them Goals.


Myriad Musings, Poetry

Into an amnesiac’s memory- Poem

I live, as though, in another’s stead,

Images Crisp, flash in my head.

Dancing around the shrubs, one summer break,

Served sweet potato fries and delicious steak.

A spring evening, walking down the aisle,

After years of courting, married off in style.

As autumn hit, I hugged my willow tree,

Worried it would shed: My last memory.

Now winter is here, I’m only a recluse,

All it brought me was apathy and abuse.

I’m told my remembrances are false,

By aliens who define me by my flaws.

Apparently, there was no beckoning food,

No diamond rings or the willow wood.

Yet, these pictures light up a present bleak,

Give me strength, when I feel weak.

So I let my desperation and hope speak

And hold on tight with all my might

To these vivid images that just feel right.

Wipe away these memories, my past is dead,

Believe you me, with no question of ‘instead’.

Myriad Musings, Poetry

Oh, the little moments!


Life, in its entirety, full of fleeting moments,

Moments funny, sweet, silly and bitter :

Bitter like the drugs I’ve once taken;

Taken in marriage by a suave, snazzy man;

Manning up to ward off ghosts for my kid;

Kidding in college about feelings in our guts;

Guts to tackle the realities of my world;

Worldly prizes I’ve won, their false glow;

Glow of the night sky’s moon and stars;

Stars we were hailed, when we won matches;

Matches, pranksters, that set mark sheets on fire;

Fire to be ‘Corporate Queen’, a sturdy will.

“Will I ever ?” questions silenced at last,

At last I realise the answer that’s final,

final as an end to my confusion and quest.

Quest, henceforth, is to relish little moments

Moments that make up the chamber of life !

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