Singeing signature- Poem

I have let go of memories, the madness,

Common sense and clutter.

Yet I cling on to parched paper

Holding on to it with dear life,

Solely for the ink of your name

Scribbled across it haphazardly –

Like the notes of a divine melody

Strung across the sheet

I listen to it, and I bleed.


Residue- Poem

You eased the needle through me

Slid it in, out, in, out

As though I were to be woven.

You branded me with holes,

Now I wear them pretty moles.

Questions asked, fears alleviated

In those bare spaces you created.

Faded marks, now jaded memories,

Grown dim, feeble, flickering –

Never can they be extinguished.

Better to be torn and taped

Than to be broken and replaced.

WordPress Daily Prompt : Puncture