terribly tiny tales

Win – win : TTT

“Ouch,” she winced as he twisted her hand and forced it to the depths of defeat.

Now his heartless laughter filled the room, merciless despite her misery.

The ex-arm wrestler in her sulked but the momma couldn’t help but beam with pride!

WordPress Daily Prompt: Triumph


War Zone- Poem

I threw myself into the fray

Ready to strike, stab and slay!

In the dangerous play, much to my dismay,

My kin slaughtered; The kingdom ceded

Handed over in a gilded golden tray.

I’m cast Adrift , due to a familial rift,

Would you believe? I still have

warriors to gift and spirits to lift.

Hear the percussions of the death rattle-

Haunting reminders of the long-gone battle.

Alas. I have not a moment to mourn,

The monstrosities acrid fate has thrown.

For I have a land to rule,

And unwilling subjects to school.