Gift: Poem


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Material gifts vanish away
usurped by the sands of time
I want my presents to stay
until you’re old and grey

I plant kernels of advice
Oars to steer your discourse
as you wheel through change

I freeze joy in a photo collage
Your living room now
a stroll down memory lane

I paint an intricate tattoo
Splash of your personality
a permanent reminder

I lift you with an adventure sport
Existential questions forgotten
Once in a lifetime experience

I wrap you in a novel culture
steal you for far travel
Check off your bucket list

I encase you in a playlist
Borrowed words and tunes
for your every mood

I warm you with sweet praise
a song of truth heard long after
the last note is done

I surrender you to a skill
Turns your world topsy-turvy
you are now a new man

When all is said and done
I gift you this poem
In that, I gift you myself.


What is an absolutely amazing gift that you’ve received? I’m curious to know. Comment below.