Worse than death- Poem

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The fear of public speaking
tops the list of fears
Even death is second to it
and wondered why, I did,
until I had to conquer it

A hall closing in on me
A stage propping me up
on a false pedestal
A beaming spotlight
Let me hide in the dark
I’ll take the ghosts
from the attic any day

I try to unsheathe
the sword of intellect but
my tongue sticks to its roof
like an obstinate stalactite
How do I wage a war of words
with frozen weaponry
The audience leading the attack
have ransacked my armoury

At the ring of the buzzer
my very own death knell
like a water balloon suddenly pierced
sounds gush out of my mouth
My measured practice evaporates
The backyard rehearsal
cannot compare to battlements
Arrows are no darts, after all

As my speech ripples, trickles
it takes a sense of its own
I enjoy the liberty
of journeying with the words
I’m the listener and the speaker
the concert and the crowd
Though I took a different route
I’ve arrived all the same

I relish the spoils of war
as the judges pay an
epic heroic tribute
The enemy stands in surrender
thundering applause trumpets
I plant a victory flag
with my glistening teeth
I sign up for this war again
same day, same time, next week.