An ode to Rain: Poem

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Blessed rain,
I sense you as
your throbs become
the marching band
to my writing

My letters come to
a standstill
for my pen is perennial
but you are the muse

you versatile liquid,
A farmer’s prayer,
the golden harvest
A child’s answer,
the school holiday

I look up
from my study desk
you turn time for me
I recall our past
from paper boat contests
to swaying to your
alluring whistle

When you drench my soul
my stains are purged
I’m fresh white paper
waiting to be written in
once again

I see passersby
shooting umbrella shields
shunning your drizzle pecks
scuttling for shelter
away from You,
Life bringer

Worry not, old friend
My door is unlatched
my racing feet
splash puddles
eager to welcome you
I gaze upwards fondly
Your recognition’s instant
you gather pace

In a longing embrace
I open my arms wide
Diamond droplets
spill into my soul

Update: I just got notified that this was my hundredth post. I’m happy beyond words to thank everyone for the unbelievable support and for taking the time to read, like, comment and/or follow. The WordPress community has been beyond kind to me and I didn’t think I’d get here when I started. I sincerely respect and salute every blogger here, for consciously breathing life into art. Thank you!

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