Wordsmith Wonders- Poem


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A wordsmith is countless careers
meshed deceptively into one

A wordsmith is an Art Therapist
giving voice to the collective unconscious
of a silently shared trauma

A wordsmith is a Headhunter
that finds the apt employees
to be his characters and caricatures

A wordsmith is a Railroad Conductor
managing conflicts in plot-lines
ensuring the destination is reached

A wordsmith is a Master Distiller
who swirls spirits and liqueurs
to soothe the anguished reader

A wordsmith is a Bike Courier
braving the muted traffic of the mind
to deliver the goods on time

A wordsmith is a Body Painter
spraying the colours of fiction
onto the sturdy body of reality

A wordsmith is an Elevator Mechanic
examining blueprints of feedback
to guarantee ascent to new heights

A wordsmith is an Acupuncturist
releasing the yin and yang
of the familiar and the exotic

A wordsmith is a Food Scientist
determined to feed the growing palate
of the ravenous masses

A wordsmith is a Funeral Service Manager
according respect and sensitivity
to new beliefs and old sentiments

A wordsmith is a Meteorologist
finding the right climate
to set the mood for tales and toons

A wordsmith is a Nurse Midwife
caring for the mother mind
helping birth new genres

A wordsmith is an Ocularist
offering eyes to the blind
and vision into alien worlds

A wordsmith is an Ethical Hacker
preventing misuse of
people’s most private secrets

A wordsmith is a Cosmetologist
adorning the commonplace
with stylistics of literary devices

A wordsmith is a Waterslide Tester
embarking on wishy-washy adventures
alone until they are market ready

A wordsmith is a Robotics Engineer
toying with special effects
for exploration and entertainment

A wordsmith is a CIA analyst
countering threatening discourses
collaborating with intelligentsia worldwide

So, the next time you’re tempted
to ask a wordsmith about his “real job”
remind yourself that

A wordsmith is countless careers
meshed deceptively into one


Art is born!- Poem

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I breathe emptily
into a blank paper
by the side of
the flickering fire

Dust recedes in my head
Snowflakes melt
into crystal clear water
Clouds collide
Ideas rain in

The night prevails
yet wisdom dawns

The thunder roars
quelling the writer’s block
The lightning frolics
A victory lap on my behalf

The sky is a gleeful witness
to this noisy circus
Gods of the heaven wake
blessings cascade down

The ocean of words
hit me like a
torrential storm

Nib caresses the parchment
Art is born!

This is dedicated to every artist who is conscious of the art all around us, and who diligently adds to it. Your service doesn’t go unnoticed.