The Sunshine Blogger Award

An ardent thank you to Mary Mangee for honouring me with my first award. You can check out her wonderful blog at https://dailydosesdotlife.wordpress.com/

The rules are:

      • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to him/her.
      • Answer the 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated you.
      • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
      • Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their blog posts.
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  • To pay it forward, I’m thrilled to nominate some of my favourite blogs on WordPress:

The Kettle Clicks
Astral Altruist
The corner of Juan
Voyage des Mots
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Here are the questions I was asked to answer:

    1.  What is your favourite fruit?
    2.  Are you religious or spiritual?
    I’m certainly more spiritual than religious
    3.  Name 3 of your favourite things.
    Learning new things, Dancing and Writing
    4.  Would you call your eating habits healthy?  Explain
    I’m a pernickety eater, so I tend to avoid a lot of junk food. I eat tons of fruits and vegetables. So, yeah, I’d call my eating habits reasonably healthy.
    5. Who would you consider to be your hero?
    I find it dangerous to glorify one person and put them on a pedestal. I love taking daily doses of strength from everyone and everything around me.
    6.  What is your favourite book?
    There are too many. Some of my all-time favourites include The God of small things, The Colour Purple, Shadow of the Wind, The Power of Habit, Everyday and Tuesdays with Morrie.
    7.  What is your highest level of formal education?
    I’ve done a triple major in Communication and Media Studies, Literature and Psychology for my U.G.
    8.  What part of the world are you from?
    9.  Who in your life has been the most influential?
    Same as Q 5. A lot of people have touched my life in small, beautiful ways.
    10.  Explain one defining moment in your life.
    When I chose to leave my hometown and study in another state, that was a defining moment in terms of the change of perspective that it offered.
    11.  When overwhelmed, what is your go-to?
    There’s nothing music, me-time and a warm shower can’t cure.


I pose the following questions to my nominees :

1. As a kid, what did you aspire to become?

2. Share one item on your bucket list.

3. If you could trade lives for a day with a character from a book/film/cartoon, who’d you pick?

4. What’d be the title of your memoir?

5. If you could own only three objects, what’d they be?

6. What’s one piece of advice you’ve given/gotten that’s been a game-changer?

7. What’s your guilty pleasure?

8. What’s something a lot of people like but you don’t?

9. If you were a product, what’d be your slogan?

10. Name a secret talent you have and the most useless talent you have.

11. What’s your absolute favourite thing about yourself? ( Brag away :P)

Before signing off, I’d like to request my nominees and readers to make time to encourage the myriad wonderful blogs that haven’t received the attention they deserve. Do leave likes and comments on blogs with less than five likes/follows. I try to do that every day. We all know that it’s not necessarily smooth in the beginning. Thank you. Have the happiest Sunday! 😀


Midas and his golden touch: Poem


Related image                                  


My spirited saviour, My North star true,
Pure and humane, he sparkles through!
Conquers with wit, the armour of few,
Gentility and warmth -manifests blue.

The depth of his eyes, the strength of that smile,
A benign countenance, a helping hand:
The right concoction to warm a wounded heart ;
A shining soul sets him apart.
Sculpted and carved in a mould so majestic,
Every aspect of his persona, undeniably magnetic,
Be it a sigh or a laugh, any day he’s hypnotic.

Perfection his prize possession,
Patience permeates his every action.
Legendary in my life, to be replaced by none
On my priority list, he is the number one.
Knowing this nobleman is the worthiest privilege
Even the Nobel prize wouldn’t be a fair trade.

His acquaintance is a bewildering award;
With my very psyche, he strikes a chord.
My celebrity to worship and applaud-
To protect and comfort, I’ll forever stand guard!

The guiding light, in my dark night,
Mighty and upright, he’s my Knight!
His existence an inexplicable delight-
The glowing moon in a bleak twilight.

Count on him to do things right.
His look of scrutiny will hook and ignite,
No escaping his charm- a rare, rare sight.
Sends your heart soaring like a kite,
The journey with him is an ascending flight.
Trust him to take you to an astounding height,
A true hero in his own right !!

Wisdom to inspire, humour to excite,
Tact to conspire, to make lovely every tonight.
No mincing words: he’s forthright,
With a remarkable ease, he wins every fight.
He sure knows to put a smile on you, bright,
A way with words and a unique insight-
The Eighth Wonder, that’s him all right!
Colours my life of black and white,
In a desolate soul, he’s the inner light.
At the centre of my world, I hold him tight !!

The soothing wave in a raging ocean,
An agent of calm in the thunderstorm.
A shoulder to lean on, a pillar of support,
Asylum offered in his open fort.

From this celestial entity, many lessons to learn :
Become deserving of the praise you earn!
Not to be one of the herd.
Actions speak louder than a word.
Beauty does lie in the beholder’s eye.
Hold your silence than tell a lie.

In a thorny path, he clears your way.
Sees straight through you like it’s child’s play.
Your control crumbles as your emotions betray
A love for his radiance that lights up the day !!!

For my God sent gift! Wonder as I may,
There just doesn’t seem to be an adequate repay…
In his unpredictable adventure, any harm I will slay,
Be it the highs or lows- Swear I will stay.
My body may rot and soul decay,
No memory of his will ever fade away.



















































Dreams !


They light up every soul’s otherwise dreary path. The seven colour stripe that strikes the sky on an ambivalent day or the shining stars that light the dark night invite a dreamer. To surpass the sky and make the mighty universe his prized possession ! These sights help the rise of a surge of strength from within that wills him to break away from the stuffy bubble and explore the expansive enigmas that stretch limitlessly.

A catalyst to materialising many a novel vision, these wondrous children of nature urge the wanderer to demolish demonic walls, constructed by the weak minded, constituting restrictive stereotypes. The seeker sees over the patronising barriers built by self and society and chooses, not only to traverse a different path, contrary to the rest of mankind, but also creates fresh routes by following his heart.

With the divine elements by his side
And his inner voice as a guide,
What could hinder this revolutionary from making a spectacular stride ?!



   Firsts are always memorable. The first day in a new city away from home. The first drop of rain after months of being scorched in the sun. The first blog post ! Beginnings are special indeed !!

    Words were my first love. My favourite mentor. My safe haven. The ocean of words, that I so relish and savor, opened tributaries into worlds I didn’t know existed, stretching beyond the horizon. The indescribable beauty fed the dreamer in me, as I resolutely stole moments from the ticking clock to embark on yet another adventure.

     These very words that have been teachers and tour guides are now architects constructing a niche for my self-expression. This blog will aid my journey of self-discovery and progress by tracing the turns of my myriad mind over time. If “simple, short and funny” is how you define an ideal blog, mine would painfully fall short of expectations. Be warned !

    I find zest in delving into the complexity of the abstract and giving voice to the unsaid and that is precisely what my blog will constitute. The reason behind your silence and the ache that hides behind your bravado are of irresistible intrigue to me in my relentless exploration of the contradictions of life and the living. A passion to explore and word what escapes the unseeing eye has induced in me an unquenchable craving to write, if only to make concrete my perceptions.

   I hope my blog will be an instance of serendipity for you as the intricacies of emotion and experience, whether universal or unique, are spelt out with no reservation or judgment. My indomitable curiosity and an ability to find beauty even in the mundane allows me to conquer time and relish every drop of the elixir of life, as I am fascinated by the psyche and the million questions it poses and enthused by every story that walks around me !!