Universe: Poem



The universe is in me
As much as
I’m in the universe

I stroll by the ocean
Deep blue waves of peace
Wade into my conscious

I kneel before the sun in prayer
Streaks of radiance
Shine into my being

I bask under a canopy’s warmth
Evergreen droplets of purity
Swim into my senses

I brave the mighty mountain
Rocks of resilience
Cut through my veins

I navigate the dark forest
Leaves of serenity
Creep into my soul

I look up at the vast sky before sleep
Clouds of oneness
Cuddle my skin

The universe is in me
As much as
I’m in the universe
Copyright © Roshni Ramanan


Creation: Poem


creation poem photo.jpg


The guardian wood watches over

absorbing carbon molecules of pain

breathing out oxygen bubbles of relief

Under the wide-eyed curiosity

of hopeful, hanging leaves

a lone stream tries to find its way

It leaves the withered past

of raked brown behind

ventures towards greener pastures

of its own creation

Copyright © Roshni Ramanan


Morning miracle: Poem

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The sky blinks back dregs of sleep

Clouds stretch to the call of dawn

Rocks join hands in prayer

Waves link arms in anticipation

They wait, with bated breath

for the bringer of rapture

The sun arrives amidst fanfare

Spreads out its wings with grace

A salute to its awestruck watchers

A lone man in a distant terrace

behind the lens of his eyes

wonders why there’s none

to witness this miracle

If only he knew the truth


Self sabotage: Hay(na)ku


Hay(na)ku: A tercet with 1 word in the first line, 2 in the second and 3 in the third with no specifications on rhyme and syllables. In the reverse form, the shortest line is placed last. Chain Hay(na)kus can also be formed. 


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breaks down

mourning self sabotage


[Interpretation: Man, a product of the natural world, is instrumental in its depletion]